Super Savvy Meal Planner #3

Lots of budget food writers price up their meals by only counting the proportion of the ingredient used. For example; if you were pricing up a meal that included 1 egg, and a box of 6 eggs costs 89p, you would only include 15p in the total. Boring I know, but bare with me…..

I’m not saying this is a misleading way to calculate. To be honest with you, there is no good way to get a fair calculation of a plate of food, that actually reflects what it’s really going to cost you. That is why I decided to steer away from the “price per meal” that seems to be an obsession in budget cooking.

So, what i now do, is to write 7 day meal plans. 7 dinners, each feeding 4 people. I include the shopping list (everything can be bought from Aldi, Lidl or any other supermarket – not different ingredients from different places to try and find the cheapest prices!) and a meal plan for the week. Yes, you will have some ingredients left over, but i work hard to come up with meal plans that use lots of similar ingredients, to help you to use up what you have. It’s real life money saving, that fits in with the way we live and shop with all of the hard work done for you!

I’ve done a couple of weekly meal plans now. All of the recipes from my meal planners are in my cookbook  and all of them are easy, delicious family meals. So, as promised, this is the savviest meal planner yet! Christmas is coming and we all need to make a few savings before the big day…….The total cost of all of the ingredients in the last two meal planners were £31.39 and £33…this one, comes in at £27.59 when you buy all of the ingredients from Aldi. So that’s £27.59 to feed your family dinner – for a week!….all you need to do is sort out breakfast and lunch and you should be able to get your entire weekly food shop for under £50!!!


So, first of all, here is the meal plan, I’ve made some minor changes to the recipes to make the ingredients work even harder, saving you more money.

Weekly Meal Plan3 (1)

Next up is the shopping list. I shopped for all of the ingredients in Aldi, but as you can see, you can get them from anywhere and still save money. I’ve left some space so you can add what you need for lunches, breakfast, snacks etc.

Weekly Shopping List 3 (1)

I’ve added the individual ingredient prices to the shopping list, so you can get the full low down on how much they all cost *Prices are from Aldi, checked on 15/11/2017.

If you want to print any of these downloads, you’ll have to save them to your device first.

I would love to know what you think of the meal planner. If you give it a go, don’t forget to share your pics to my social media!

If you’ve not got my book yet, it’s still reduced to the super savvy price of £4.99 on Amazon!! Click here to go to the Amazon Page



2 Comments Add yours

  1. missannik says:

    Definitely going to give this a go!


  2. Dean Stockton says:

    I watch a few cheap meal planners and most if not all of them do the portion of the full price of the whole product. One or two do both but mainly the price of the single portion. As an example, a homemade loaf they might say 25p for the flour, 75p for the bag, 0.1p for the salt, a tub costs 30p, sugar 0.1p, 88p for a 2Kg bag (Morrisons), water 300/350ml 0.1p, dried milk 11p, £1.88 for a tub, dried yeast 7.4p the total is £4.40 without the water, not the 43.6p some would claim. If you regularly make bread it costs the amount to make the raw dough made by hand but a bread machine to make the raw dough and an oven, or in my case a halogen oven, adds at least 11p to the 43.6p


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