Quorn Chicken Fajitas

This fajita recipe is perfect. Quick to make, healthy, vegetarian and not a single complaint from the kids! We had two wraps each and although they don’t look it, they are really filling. You could serve them with some tortilla chips, but honestly, we are a greedy bunch here and we were stuffed after eating…

Swedish Style Meatballs

My husband went to Ikea this week, to pick up some furniture for work. At the mention of Ikea, most people’s first thought would be home furnishings….. garden furniture…..not me. The first thing I thought of was meatballs!

Summer Tuna Steak Casserole

So, last week I did my very first vlog…….I was so nervous. So far I have been fairly anonymous. It’s all been about the recipes and the ingredients, rather than me…..or at least I hope it has!?