Thai Salmon Soup

We had such a great Christmas. We had some proper family time and ate some incredible food. There’s been a lot of sweet stuff and a lot of very salty stuff….the kind of food you only really eat at Christmas . So I have started the new year craving vegetables and something simple and healthy that…

Courgette & Mint Risotto

Most risotto recipes call for white wine, parmesan and of course – risotto rice. I don’t want to knock the traditional risotto, it’s incredible. Incredible for a dinner party though, not on a Tuesday night. My risotto recipe doesn’t use parmesan or white wine. In fact, it doesn’t even use risotto rice! This is a…

Smoked Fish Pie

It’s not exactly Summer weather at the moment, so I thought that I could get away with cooking something a little more comforting this week. I’m just not in the mood for salad!

Grilled Peach, Prosciutto & Feta Salad

I’m going to be honest. Fruit on my salad isn’t usually my kind of thing. However, now it’s salad season, I’m trying to add a bit of variety to the usual, lettuce, cucumber and tomato!

The Savvy Guide to Shopping on a Budget

I nearly didn’t write this blog. I was worried that I might sound a bit preachy about shopping on a budget. I also felt that with my food recycling brimming over this week and my meal planning a little thin on the ground, whether I was the best person to be giving such advice!!

Lentil, Tahini and Tomato Bake

It has been such a busy week with one thing and another, so all of our dinners have been cobbled together from what was in the cupboards (which was not much!) Yesterday I decided that a wholesome, veggie meal was in order, to make up for the slightly odd combinations the kids have been presented…

Lemon & Thyme Scones

I am more of a savoury, than sweet person. I will always choose a starter over a dessert and rarely bake cakes. However….I love a scone! I have a great scone recipe that I’ve used over the years and it has never let me down.