Thai Salmon Soup

We had such a great Christmas. We had some proper family time and ate some incredible food. There’s been a lot of sweet stuff and a lot of very salty stuff….the kind of food you only really eat at Christmas . So I have started the new year craving vegetables and something simple and healthy that we could all eat together. Continue reading “Thai Salmon Soup”


Courgette & Mint Risotto

Most risotto recipes call for white wine, parmesan and of course – risotto rice. I don’t want to knock the traditional risotto, it’s incredible. Incredible for a dinner party though, not on a Tuesday night.

My risotto recipe doesn’t use parmesan or white wine. In fact, it doesn’t even use risotto rice! This is a simple, everyday, cheats version, that still tastes amazing! Continue reading “Courgette & Mint Risotto”