The Best Jacket Potatoes Ever!

I appreciate that this might seem like a dull topic for a blog, but I can assure you that this will change the way that you eat jacket potatoes forever!

Super Savvy Lunch Ideas

I probably get asked about lunch ideas more than anything else on social media. It’s hard to come up with healthy, cheap lunch ideas when you’re working, or at home with the kids – and having the same thing gets really boring.

Recipe Boxes on a Budget

I’ve been planning this blog for a while now. I was a bit worried about how it might be received by some of the more hardcore frugal amongst you! Every day I talk about saving money and how you can cut down on your spending,

Mackerel Fishcakes

These are probably the quickest fishcakes I’ve ever made! Fishcakes can be a bit of a faff to put together. You need to peel and chop the potatoes, cook the fish, make the breadcrumbs…they’re not difficult, they just seem to create a lot of dishes! 

Chocolate & Oat Fridge Bars

Has anyone tried those Eat Natural bars? They do them in loads of flavours and they’re basically fruit, nut, oats and sometimes chocolate. They’re really good. Unfortunately

Rosemary & Chilli Burgers

I use these herbs and spices every week. It’s nothing new. But for some reason, I’ve NEVER put these flavours together!

Money Saving Vegetarian Meal Plan

I’m so glad, that so many of you have been enjoying my 7 day meal plans. It’s the beginning of a new year, so I thought it was time for something a little bit different…

Super Savvy Meal Planner #3

There is a bit of an obsession in budget food writing. For a long time, lots of them have been pricing up the cost of their meals by only counting the proportion of the ingredient used. For example; if you were pricing up a meal that included 1 egg, and a box of 6 eggs…

Goat’s Cheese, Parma Ham & Spinach Gnocchi

It’s great to make your own gnocchi, it’s pretty savvy too, using simple, minimal ingredients. The only problem is, it’s a bit time consuming and fiddly. I debated whether or not to put a simple recipe for gnocchi on here and pretend that I make my own……honesty prevailed and actually, I don’t think using ready…

Slow Cooker Beef & Coconut Curry

I get messages every day asking for slow cooker recipes……..I’ve always been a little bit reluctant to post any, as not everybody has one…….As you can see I’ve changed my mind!

Banana & Chocolate Muffins

For those of you that don’t follow my Instagram page I asked people to vote for their favourite Recipe photo from my cookbook… here it is…….Banana & Chocolate Muffins!!

The Savvy Shopper’s Meal Plan #2

So here it is, as promised, the second of my #7daysofsavvy meal plans. 7 days, 7 dinners. All the meals are recipes from my cookbook and all are quick, tasty midweek dinners for 4 people…….and the shopping list comes to the grand total of £33!!! As before, I’ve

10 Minute Spaghetti Carbonara

What a weird week it’s been weather wise….it’s so hard to know what to cook. We’ve gone from ‘i’m too hot to even contemplate eating’, to comfort food and jumpers. I’m trying really hard at this very moment to stop myself giving the heating a quick blast. My current view